What Do I Write on my Wedding Invitations?

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Greetings earthlings. I am here to bestow upon you a new language, wedding stationery etiquette.

No, seriously – does anyone actually get this? I have to look it up A LOT when I am working on a styled shoot and the organizers give me free range on what to write. And I tend to stick with the same shtick. But no more, my friends.

Here’s how a traditional wedding invitation reads (for the most part)-

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens request the pleasure of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Jane Valerie Stevens to John Richard Jones …

Now, there is NOTHING wrong with that. AT ALL.(Sidenote – my momma told me that in the Asian culture – the boy’s family paid. Isn’t that interesting?) If that fits your wedding, then heck- GO FOR IT! It’s YOUR WEDDING, don’t let some girl with two-day hair, typing a blog post in her bed at 2 a.m. tell you what to do.

But here’s the fun part. Let’s do some digging up to find some witty and different inspiration for creative wedding stationery copy.


This is such a fun way to say we’re doing this thing and we are gonna have fun doing it!

Simple, to the point, and this card is cute, cute, cute! I love how casual it is and this stamp/ink look is so awesome.

Okay, so this is a little long – but I mean it’s definitely personal, and what’s more personal than two people sharing one of their most important days together?

Another long one – but it promises good beer and barbecue. I ain’t one for the beer, but the BBQ? Count me in.

I hope these very cute worded and designed cards bring you some inspiration (and me, too, honestly!) to think outside the box and have some fun for your big day!

*These invitations WERE NOT designed by me. Please click on the images for where I found them.