Just an Update

Turning 26 Ain’t No Big Thang

Life Update

This month I hit that yearly milestone of becoming a whole year older. I’ve broken that first quarter. And for some reason, this year I actually felt some sort of growth. Personally and professionally in the past year has been so great. I still cry when I get a cake and my father’s not around to see it, but I wasn’t a total mess this year. And here I am sitting on a Sunday morning, blogging about my own business, who would have thunk it?!

CeindyDoodles-Ceindy Birthday Young

[Insert very long sidenote about my father, that I will leave for the end of the blog post. In shorter words, my dad always wanted a business, and I think he’d be pretty proud of my side-hustle.]

What’s next for Ceindy Doodles, LLC you ask? (LLC- see that legitimacy right there😉😉)

I’m shifting my focus for 2017.

I need to redo my goals worksheet, because my initial goal is NOT flexible for our family and lifestyle. I’ve accepted that my life is different from my companions, and therefore financial success will take longer, failing forward will be more evident, and the stress of not hitting a financial goal is not worth it.

I will be at a the Chrysler Museum of Art Bridal Show in late March.

I can’t even express to you the gratitude of being referred to this event from the amazing Christen Alloco. The coordinator and I are still hashing out some details, but I think attendees are going to find a little reward at my table ^_^

Two words: Letter Better.

Coming Fall 2017.

What’s about for Ceindy Nunez, you ask?

I will be starting a personal project.

It’s been an overwhelmingly thoughtful month. I was on the fence about continuing in Ceindy Doodle’s efforts because parenting has been so difficult. Even now, I can’t finish one sentence without a slobbery toy on my keyboard…  It was starting to lose it’s purpose, which was to grow my lettering and design skills. You see, there’s two sides to this lettering business – one is the wedding stationery, signage, and modern calligraphy side. The other is a design and critical thinking side, which is the side I would really, really love to grow into. I find myself stuck in the middle – so I am really hoping that this personal side, side project will give me a strong leg to stand on in the designer world. I recognize that my side project will take longer to launch, but I think it’s very necessary, as well.

So in short: Ceindy Doodles, LLC – weddings and modern calligraphy. Ceindy Nunez, designer and letterer – personal side project to save the world. In between all that, wife, mother, daughter, house-cleaner, meal-maker, friend, etc. etc.

Now Sadie is sitting on and licking my right arm… 

Here is a list of projects I would love to complete this year:

  • Painted Lettering Wall Murals and Chalkboard Signage for Small Businesses
  • Branding using a Custom Lettering Approach
  • Editorial Lettering Pieces, including magazine spreads or covers, book cover designs

Now, I’m going to go play fetch with this dog before she starts typing the blog!


*My father always, ALWAYS, talked about starting his own business. Everyone on our street knew he helped out with little HVAC and electrical jobs for extra monies, but he never had a business card or an actual business plan. He really wanted to open a restaurant one day. He wanted to open a little store one day. What about a 7/11? He helped a buddy run a snow cone station for a festival (Katty and I had a lot of snow cones that day) and we had mountains of spoons and foam cups ever since. My mom still talks about how, “Your dad got so screwed. Yada-yada.” Sometimes I sit here and am so overwhelmingly proud that he’s passed on the entrepreneurial spirit to me and I wonder how he would have fared in this social media heavy business world. Like would he be blogging, or making me blog? Haha! I can see it now, “Ceindy- what is blog, what is SEO, you take care of it. I go make noodles. Everybody loves noodles.”