Just an Update

Open Letter to #mombosses


Hey there,

Are you tired? Have you been up since sunrise? Are you, maybe, sitting in your kid’s bed with your laptop typing out an open letter to fellow mom-bosses? Yeah, hi.

You probably haven’t showered 7 days straight since your child was born. (If you have, please tell me your secrets.)

You are most likely feeling mom-guilt because you are constantly on your phone or computer.

You are feeling more mom-guilt because you haven’t done a single pinterest-y thing all week.

You may be feeling like you are always, always, always behind.

You might even be feeling a little hater-ish about those entrepreneurs who don’t have kids. What do they know? Their biggest distraction doesn’t actually depend on you to feed, play, hold, love, bathe, socially adapt, emotionally develop, learn all the things, pay $50 billion to take to daycare, etc. etc. (Except, now that I am a puppy-mom, I totally think puppy-moms have about 85% of the same responsibilities, so I’ll give you that.)

Well, you are not alone.


You are so fucking amazing. 

It’s totally okay. It’s okay to feel these things, it’s okay to say no to some projects to say yes to your kid(s). It’s okay to drop them off at grandma’s even though, you know he doesn’t eat a proper meal there. It’s okay to put your phone in a whole other room (yes, I have so little self control. Sometimes, I just have him hide it.) It’s also okay to encourage playing minecraft on your husband’s computer so you can respond to emails.

Your kid(s) – still alive. Still love you. Because I bet you do so much more for them than you realize. Even though Arik was sad that I had to eat before playing with him (literally, he said that’s the evil mom version. My real mom always says yes to playing legos. I guess I get hangry) when I told him I would lay in his bed while he fell asleep, he was like shining with all the kid-love.

Your business- still alive. Still working. And if you take a little break, it’s really okay. Just think of it as working for yourself. Taking care of myself is a job, I often forget (read above about showers). But I’m starting to schedule that in. Some days, a goal is actually – wash your face with all the things.

If you ever need anyone to remind you that you are awesome, well just read this.

You got this. You rock. You, mom or even dad boss, are a superhero.