12 ABCs Challenge

March and April ABCs

Calligraphy ABCD

Hello people of the interwebs. Yes, I am aware I am behind. I have no great reasons for this at all and I deeply apologize for my lack of greatness.


This was the month I finally purchased a nib and working between a pointed, flexible nib and a flat one, I wanted to do a sort of layers alphabet. A merging of two styles and see how they can play together. Then I decided to try to also pen some inspirational words and try out calligraphy. It’s still a work in progress, however I think I’ve gradually gotten better.



It took me two months to finish this alphabet. Honestly, I think I may have burnt myself out or over-exerted myself.  I was starting to feel as if my side thing was taking over the biggest thing in my life, mothering. So I’ve slowed down a lot and it took me over two months to complete my chalk/favorite foods alphabet.


I am strongly aware that I have been terrible at keeping up with my own projects, so here is to the rest of the year and hoping for more motivation and success!