What do you get when you mix coastal life and House Realty? A lot of waves! Who hasn’t seen a realty logo with waves? But Jen is so much more than that, so this is my more modern take on a coastal property manager’s logo.


Jen wanted her new realty logo to convey trustworthiness, creative, and caring. Using the rounded corners and more modern look helps with this message. She also refers to herself as the Captain, and her team as First Mate, Boatswain, and Sailing Master. So of course, I incorporated the waves – but in a modern way.

The roundness of the logo calls for a round sans-serif font. I love using Font Squirrel to find great, free, commercial-use fonts. This font has a great familiarity but also it’s not a default sans-serif which makes it feel more unique.

Ceindy Doodles-logo-JNBManagement-branding


Also, bonus points for a behind the scenes look into my sketchbook:


Words from the client:

I have worked on 2 completely different projects with Ceindy.  One was a New Year’s Eve party and the other was my business logo.  Completely different grains of creativity and she exceeded my expectations.  She studied my business website and was able to create something I had in my head.  Ceindy brought my New Year’s Eve party to life.  She created my vision on both projects with ease and I would use her and recommend her in the future.  
~Jen Beck, (President, JNB Management, LLC)
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