Just a few more tweaks, just a nudge here or there, just another minute, hour, hours. This is the trap we fall into as creatives and perfectionists. If it wasn’t for a deadline, I would be trapped in let’s make this perfect, forever.

I am a starter. I love starting projects, I go all in and start buying all the things, doing all the checklists, and the first few things are crossed off with ease and joy.

And then, it happens.

This pressure to make sure it’s perfect. The pressure to make sure it’s the best fricken thing I’ve ever made. The voice inside that doesn’t think it’s 100% done or right. In fact, it’s 100% wrong. 100% stupid and terrible and UGH YOU SUCK SO MUCH.

Want to know a secret? I am always nervous before showing a client their sketches, comps and even their final product, after rounds of approval and client happiness. There’s Cynical Ceindy telling me the lines could be straighter, the colors brighter.

But then my clients tell me “I LOVE it, it’s PERFECT, it’s so amazing and you are so talented.”

Who me? ME?

I can’t believe it. And seriously, what is wrong with me?

This is not a humblebrag. This is a straight up problem I deal with every single day. And I can’t be alone in this feeling. This, my friends, is called imposter syndrome. It comes in many flavors, and I like to borrow from all of them. If this sounds like you, here are some things I’ve been trying to work on my self-confidence – and maybe it will help you.

I give myself a deadline.

Because one of my biggest hurdles is finishing a project, I tell myself by this date – it’s done. No ifs, ands, or buts. You’re posting the damn instagram post because you’re running out of content, damn it. (Update: I have not even been posting because now I’m struggling with making content and that. damn. caption.)

Remind myself mistakes brought me to where I am today.

Let’s just be 100% honest. Arik was an oops, and as much as some of you are shocked by my complete honesty and the other few are laughing at how upfront I am, he has helped me grow exponentially as a human being. My will, need, and want to take care of him and to raise a decent human being has made me a much better person. So if I can make this big oops and turn it into something awesome, a crooked line or not my best lettering can turn into something awesome, too.

Keep learning.

When you admit to yourself that you don’t know everything and that’s okay – you will open up your world to so much more. Be curious, instead of fearful. Be open-minded, instead of a know-it-all. I think we can all benefit from a little bit of this.

Share it anyways.

Most likely, we create to share with the world or just loved ones. If you want to be in the creative industry, you have to practice and show it off as you go. Someone out there is a beginner. If you are in the middle between super awesome and just a beginner (where I find myself), there are so many people who can’t do what you can. Just because you fill your feed with professionals, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a whole group of people who admire your posts and what you do. So share anyways, you never know. There are 7.7 BILLION people out there, you’ll reach a few – I promise.

If you’ve made it to the end and want to talk more about it, please email me at ceindyton@gmail.com.

Also, for all of those who scrolled all the way down to get your free phone wallpaper, download it here.

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