What Can Lettering Do For Your Business?

Lettering and illustrations for your business are such a great, handcrafted way to draw your story because beautifully unique designed signage can convince your customers of your quality and brand. Also, it helps to incorporate principals of design to make sure the signs are readable and well-balanced.

Ceindy Doodles Sketching

Hand Lettering and Illustration Services for Businesses

A logo? A t-shirt? The possibilities are endless.

What is your lettering process like?

My process is tailored to make you feel like you are my only client. Because you will be one of few. I only take on a few clients at a time to ensure awesome results. Since the time I have to work on doodle projects is very limited, I want to ensure a great experience for both of us! For simpler projects, typically you will receive sketches within a week, and final results in a month’s time. Check out this blog post for my process to design your custom hand-lettered logo.

Custom projects I would really love to do this year include:

  • Painted Wall Murals
  • Chalkboard Signage for Small Businesses
  • Branding using a Custom Lettering Approach
  • Editorial Lettering Pieces, including magazine spreads or covers

Due to the customized, special nature of these projects, please email ceindyton@gmail.com for estimates.