A Graphic Designer’s Tips for a Good Logo

“What should I expect when I’m getting a logo?” I’ve learned a lot since working as a graphic designer and here are some of my tips of what is a good logo. Not every logo is going to be literal and symbolic. In fact, your logo should be identifiable, but it doesn’t need to explain […]

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Featured Work: Wonder Warrior Tribe Logo

The Need Sometimes a logo is needed for a new business, sometimes it’s needed because the old logo doesn’t resonate their brand. This time, it’s a passion for a coach who wants to inspire others in her accountability group. Meet Ashley Ashley and I actually went to middle school together; I remember her being the […]

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Strong Not Sorry – Logo for Personal Trainer Aubrey Mester-Webb
Strong Not Sorry Business Black Card

I was so excited to work on Aubrey’s new logo and business card for her business Strong Not Sorry. My favorite part about working on this logo was Aubrey. She’s a personal trainer, a power lifter, and an avid Starbucks drinker. She’s amazingly strong in every way and she motivates others to not only exercise and lose weight, […]

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