Goodbye To 2019

It’s that time of year where everyone does a 2019 Year In Review. So here’s me, hopping on that wagon. This year has been quite a whirl, but after 2018, it felt like such a calm whirl. Let’s get the personal stuff out of the way: The Adults Ryan is now working for Eastern Trucks […]

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Mid-Year Check-In

Here I go trying to fit in my July blog post a week before July ends… Is summer kicking anyone else’s ass? I’ve been dealing with so many random factors everyday that I actually miss doing the good ol’ school bus, pickup, dinner routine. But, as the title reads, it’s time for a mid-year check-in. […]

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My First Conference : Creative South 2019
Ceindy at Creative South

Creative South 2019 was an amazing experience. I’m so super grateful to work for an agency that would send me to learn new things! First of all, all of the attendees were so nice! I think everyone was so friendly because we all have a passion for being creative. To keep this post short and […]

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Business Year in Review for Ceindy Doodles

We’re going to do the year-in-review a bit differently for Ceindy Doodles this year. (Not that we have a tradition around here anyway.) We’re going to do it by numbers, because why not. After all, they are important to lettering, too. 40 This is the number of projects I recorded for 2018. I’m sure there’s some […]

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Twenty Eighteen, You’ve Been Kinda Mean (Personal: Part Two)
occoneechee state park

If you missed part one, you might want to start off there. This year our immediate family grew a little. Nope, not another kid. Actually, my mother-in-law moved in for a while. (With a very adorable in-its-own-way puppy.) You see, she was taking care of grandma and when grandma passed away, Ryan’s mom and sister needed […]

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Twenty Eighteen, You’ve Been Kinda Mean (Personal: Part One)
ceindy doodles sketches

Hey there whoever you may be and however you may have found this. It’s Ceindy with my 2018 Year in Review. I wish I had it more organized like last year’s part one and two, but let’s face it – this year was a monster for me. A beautiful magical monster, but at times it […]

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Me and My iPad Pro
iPad Pro

What happens when you get Ceindy a Wawa White Chocolate Mocha in the afternoon? A Ceindy that’s blogging at 2 a.m. Oops. Anyways, the point of this blog is to ooo and ahhh over my new technological bff my iPad Pro. I’ve had it for a few months now and I’ve gotta say I LOVE […]

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27 Things About Me
ceindy doodles - 27 things about ceindy

I’m pretty excited to turn 27, but it’s also really scary. I feel like there’s still so much to learn and so much to grow but adulting is exhausting! FOMO is strong some days, but nevertheless, I’m trying to live happily every day. Here’s a quick, fun list of 27 things you may not know […]

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Turning 26 Ain’t No Big Thang
Life Update

This month I hit that yearly milestone of becoming a whole year older. I’ve broken that first quarter. And for some reason, this year I actually felt some sort of growth. Personally and professionally in the past year has been so great. I still cry when I get a cake and my father’s not around to […]

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Open Letter to #mombosses

Hey there, Are you tired? Have you been up since sunrise? Are you, maybe, sitting in your kid’s bed with your laptop typing out an open letter to fellow mom-bosses? Yeah, hi. You probably haven’t showered 7 days straight since your child was born. (If you have, please tell me your secrets.) You are most […]

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