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27 Things About Me

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I’m pretty excited to turn 27, but it’s also really scary. I feel like there’s still so much to learn and so much to grow but adulting is exhausting! FOMO is strong some days, but nevertheless, I’m trying to live happily every day. Here’s a quick, fun list of 27 things you may not know […]


Open Letter to #mombosses

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Hey there, Are you tired? Have you been up since sunrise? Are you, maybe, sitting in your kid’s bed with your laptop typing out an open letter to fellow mom-bosses? Yeah, hi. You probably haven’t showered 7 days straight since your child was born. (If you have, please tell me your secrets.) You are most […]

Life Update

September 2016 Update

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It’s crazy that an entire month has passed! Things I have learned this month include: I really stink at self-control. I try to do too much. I should enjoy being bored once in awhile. So of course, my ABC did not get done. My sketching for the shop, did not get done. Good goly Ceindy […]


August 2016 Life Update!

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Ai-ya! (Very common phrase in Chinese households that is similar to Oh Shiiii…) I am so sorry. It has taken me a few months to take a break and think about this whole Ceindy Doodles business. Thoughts like, “How committed do I want to be?” “Do you REALLY think you can make time for this?” “Sleep vs. […]