We’re going to do the year-in-review a bit differently for Ceindy Doodles this year. (Not that we have a tradition around here anyway.) We’re going to do it by numbers, because why not. After all, they are important to lettering, too.


This is the number of projects I recorded for 2018. I’m sure there’s some “I need this real quick” projects that were forgotten, but these are the ones I remember. I can’t believe it, that’s almost a project a week, which for a side hustle is a little crazy.


Things I learned in 2018 that I plan on carrying into 2019

  • Focus on one project a night, if possible. Block out your schedule.
    I started to block out my week (example:Monday was social media planning, Tuesday & Thursday was client work, Wednesday was personal or client work, Friday was movie night, Saturday was catch up, and Sunday was another catch up/admin day.) Now that I’ve been doing it for a while and even with the changes in our household, it’s easy for me to visually see where I have time to do what. It also helps to have a small calendar/planner so I don’t fill it up with things I can’t accomplish between 9pm-11pm.
  • To pursue what I want.
    Sometimes you just have to say something out to the universe and the universe will provide. Most likely, you need to write that email or walk your tush into a place and ask, “hey can I draw for you?” which is how I filled my family’s bellies with lots of Lolly’s ice cream. So hi, I’m Ceindy – I’m awkward – and I’m going to ask if I can draw letters for you.
  • To say no more often.
    I started saying no to projects that didn’t interest me and projects that I would have to stay up way too late to finish. I learned that I’m a really crappy person to be around when I don’t sleep enough and my family and friends deserve better than that.


Average hours of sleep a night. Maybe it’s 6. I should get some smart thing to calculate this for me, but on average I go to bed around 11-12 and wake up around 6:30 am. But there are a good amount of nights, like tonight, where I stay up past that. Like, waaaay past that.


Things I’m not doing in 2019

  • Etsy store – closed.
  • Threadless store – will be closing.
  • Custom Wedding Invitations – I have one couple and that’s going to be my only couple.
  • Styled Shoots.

Here’s the struggle I can’t repeat in 2019, spreading myself out too thin. Doing things for the sake of “maybe this will work” and not fully committing. I’m hoping to stop worrying about a lot of little things and just do the big things – and to do it right.


This may be overreacting, but this is the number of doubt I have in my head. I’m extremely self-critical and another BIG struggle of mine is imposter syndrome and low confidence. In fact, I have a blog post written about this and still have not posted it. Because, well, yeah.

Now some 2019 goal numbers


I’m doubling down on wedding signage this year. I did 5 last year, let’s see if I can get 10 in the books this year.


My goal is to help at least 6 businesses this year with lettering, design, or illustration needs.


This is my pipe dream for 2019. I want to get one lettering design of mine published either as a magazine cover, spread, or a book cover.  

If you’re thinking, wait a minute, you had 40 client projects in 2018 and you only have a goal for 17 this year…? I will still be working on other custom lettering projects and freelancing my graphic design skills. It’s just that these 17 are I’m pursuing. These are the new things I hope to do more of. Overall, I’d like to do around the same number or less since I will have less time this year to work due to our work situation.

Lastly, my personal projects.


My goal for Ceindy Doodles this year is to successfully create and fulfill myself with one personal project. I’m debating between 2 topics, our family’s journey to being debt free or the things that Arik says.


So this is the biggest thing. I want to come up with 5 of the best home decor signs. Ryan and I are starting a small project called “Crafted Notes.” We’re going to work together and launch this summer 5 really awesome designs for your home. It’s still in its’ beginning stages, but we are excited to make stuff together.