August 2016 Life Update!

Ai-ya! (Very common phrase in Chinese households that is similar to Oh Shiiii…) I am so sorry. It has taken me a few months to take a break and think about this whole Ceindy Doodles business. Thoughts like, “How committed do I want to be?” “Do you REALLY think you can make time for this?” “Sleep vs. […]

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March and April ABCs
Calligraphy ABCD

Hello people of the interwebs. Yes, I am aware I am behind. I have no great reasons for this at all and I deeply apologize for my lack of greatness. March This was the month I finally purchased a nib and working between a pointed, flexible nib and a flat one, I wanted to do […]

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Simple Nautical Tie the Knot Invitations

I had a lovely opportunity to work with Amanda and Matt for their special day. The wedding invitation designed for them was based on a theme of “tie the knot” in a casual formal vibe. When Amanda contacted me about their wedding, she described the decorations of burlap, sea glass, rope, chalkboards, and drift wood. From that, and a pinterest board we shared, I came up with several sketches for them to choose from.

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February ABC

Hey there! I actually messed up and used the wrong tool this month, but that’s okay ^_^

I had a very fun month of using the Pentel Aquash waterbrush. I used it along with the Artist’s Loft brand watercolors that can be found at Michael’s for approximately $5.00. It was a lot of fun, but I still needed to get used to the flexibility and almost unpredictability of the brush. 

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January ABC’s

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month since the new year. As the end of the first month arrives, I wanted to show my first alphabet of the 12 months, 12 tools, 12 ABCs. I’ve also started using #12abcs to keep these together. ^_^ 


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Alanna’s Wine Tasting Die-Cut Invitation

This has been a long time coming to share this invitation.

Well Ceindy, what took you so long? “Uhhhhhh, Arik?”

This invitation was for my dear friend and fellow designer, Alanna. I was also a bridesmaid for this party and got to put together this awesome and fun invitation for her bachelorette party. We decided to go wine tasting to three separate vineyards in Charlottesville. This invitation was cut and assembled by hand. 

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