Open Letter to #mombosses

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Hey there, Are you tired? Have you been up since sunrise? Are you, maybe, sitting in your kid’s bed with your laptop typing out an open letter to fellow mom-bosses? Yeah, hi. You probably haven’t showered 7 days straight since your child was born. (If you have, please tell me your secrets.) You are most […]

Life Update

2016 Review and 2017 Goals

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It’s that time of the year again – time for reflection and making goals for a better year. This past year has been a lot of “WTF am I doing?” and “Damn, I’m good!” Some amazing things happened. I have made some wonderful new friends that are also on this entrepreneur journey. Thanks to The […]

Life Update

September 2016 Update

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It’s crazy that an entire month has passed! Things I have learned this month include: I really stink at self-control. I try to do too much. I should enjoy being bored once in awhile. So of course, my ABC did not get done. My sketching for the shop, did not get done. Good goly Ceindy […]


August 2016 Life Update!

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Ai-ya! (Very common phrase in Chinese households that is similar to Oh Shiiii…) I am so sorry. It has taken me a few months to take a break and think about this whole Ceindy Doodles business. Thoughts like, “How committed do I want to be?” “Do you REALLY think you can make time for this?” “Sleep vs. […]

Simple Nautical Tie the Knot Invitations

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I had a lovely opportunity to work with Amanda and Matt for their special day. The wedding invitation designed for them was based on a theme of “tie the knot” in a casual formal vibe. When Amanda contacted me about their wedding, she described the decorations of burlap, sea glass, rope, chalkboards, and drift wood. From that, and a pinterest board we shared, I came up with several sketches for them to choose from.