2019 Wedding Signage Trends I’m Excited About
purple block with texture

The wedding season is well underway and I thought it would be fun to share some exciting wedding signage trends I’ve been seeing! We can’t ignore that mirrors, chalkboards, and wooden signs are still going to be very prevalent in weddings. However, I’m here to embrace these new mediums that are becoming more and more […]

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My First Conference : Creative South 2019
Ceindy at Creative South

Creative South 2019 was an amazing experience. I’m so super grateful to work for an agency that would send me to learn new things! First of all, all of the attendees were so nice! I think everyone was so friendly because we all have a passion for being creative. To keep this post short and […]

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I Painted a Mural!
CeindyDoodles-Lead with Love Mural

Bucket list item check! I painted a mural! This process was pretty different from my previous ones – I think the scariest part about painting a mural is its permanence. Make a mistake and the “erasing” of it is a lot different than chalk or window marker. (Which I did make a mistake and it […]

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Beginner Lettering Tips
purple block with texture

Are you just here for the free March wallpaper? Clickity here. If you’d like some beginner lettering tips, read on internet comrade! I have been lettering for almost 5 years, and I am still learning new things about it all the time. Here are some beginner lettering tips that will help you get a head […]

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It’s Never Going to be Perfect
color block yellow with pattern

Just a few more tweaks, just a nudge here or there, just another minute, hour, hours. This is the trap we fall into as creatives and perfectionists. If it wasn’t for a deadline, I would be trapped in let’s make this perfect, forever. I am a starter. I love starting projects, I go all in […]

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Business Year in Review for Ceindy Doodles

We’re going to do the year-in-review a bit differently for Ceindy Doodles this year. (Not that we have a tradition around here anyway.) We’re going to do it by numbers, because why not. After all, they are important to lettering, too. 40 This is the number of projects I recorded for 2018. I’m sure there’s some […]

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Twenty Eighteen, You’ve Been Kinda Mean (Personal: Part Two)
occoneechee state park

If you missed part one, you might want to start off there. This year our immediate family grew a little. Nope, not another kid. Actually, my mother-in-law moved in for a while. (With a very adorable in-its-own-way puppy.) You see, she was taking care of grandma and when grandma passed away, Ryan’s mom and sister needed […]

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Twenty Eighteen, You’ve Been Kinda Mean (Personal: Part One)
ceindy doodles sketches

Hey there whoever you may be and however you may have found this. It’s Ceindy with my 2018 Year in Review. I wish I had it more organized like last year’s part one and two, but let’s face it – this year was a monster for me. A beautiful magical monster, but at times it […]

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How to Order Custom Hand-Lettered Wedding Invitations
Ceindy Doodles Amber and Scott Invitation

Your work was seriously my favorite part of the wedding  Thank you so much for creating such beautiful stuff for us! -Amber W. Are you engaged? Are you dreaming about your wedding? Or maybe you’re just curious about what a custom job would take. This is the process when you’d like a custom wedding invitation […]

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Go After Dreams, Not People Chalk Lettering Process
Go After Dreams Featured Image

Hey there! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve last written a blog. This year, 2018, has been super crazy – and is anyone else feeling like it’s in 2x mode? No? Just me? Anyways, you’re here to learn more about the most recent chalkboard art I created that reads “Go After Dreams – Not People.” […]

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