ceindy-doodles-headshot on stairs
Hello there! I am Ceindy. I love unique things - like especially-made-for-me things.

If you vibe with the words quirky, cute, authentic, and unique - you are my people.

Custom lettering comes in many styles, and I specialize in exploring them to make them unique. With my graphic design background and typography skills, we will work together to find the unique look you’ve been searching through Pinterest for.

I want to make work that makes you proud to be different and make others ask, "Where'd you get that?" I have helped couples make perfect first impressions with custom, hand-lettered invitations, and created beautiful signs for their special day. I've painted beautiful, just-for-your home letters on canvases and chalkboards. I've designed authentic and awesome logos for entrepreneurs.

You just let me know what you're looking for.

What's this girl all about?

Lovely paper and letters. (I can ramble on about this foreveh, eveh.)

Cupcakes, cookies, pizza, ice cream, and lots of noodles. (Yummy things is the best way to bribe me.)

My peoples and puppy. (Hubby, son, and german shepherd are the main squeezes.)

Books. (Chick-Lit is my guilty pleasure. Sophie Kinsella is one of my favs!)

Netflix. (Yes, I'm still watching. My hubby, however, is asleep.)

Amazon Prime. (Isn't 2-day shipping just the norm?)