1-2-3’s to a beautiful wedding invitation suite


Are you engaged? Are you dreaming of your wedding? Or maybe you’re just curious on what a custom job would take. This is the process when you are working with me.

Step One: Let’s chat.

ceindydoodles-stock-coffee and laptop

Tell me about your wedding, your kid(s), your puppy, whatever! We can chat over email, skype, phone, in person – however you find communication easiest. Not to be creepy, but this is basically our first date. You’ve stalked me on the internet, you’ve got your expectations, and now you’ll see if I can bring it. You’re welcomed to choose a package deal or create your own package deal. If that’s more your speed, I have a questionnaire you can fill out that help will me give you the best quote possible.

Step Two: Timelines and Contracts


After you’ve decided that I’m a good fit for your special occasion, we work on that “scary” business-y, legal stuff. Here’s a secret, this part doesn’t suck. A part of me loves to have a set schedule to refer to; I enjoy crafting a timeline for my clients so they know what to expect, when to give me stuff by. I feel that the more organized I am, the better experience everyone will have. You will receive a quote, contract, and timeline that is very flexible. I like to forewarn people that although it may seem like a project might drag long, especially if there are holidays in between, not to worry! Timelines can be adjusted, and are often different in reality if the response speed is quicker than anticipated. Think of the timeline as a guide, a way to bring you back into things in case life gets busy… because let’s face it-life gets busy!

Step Three: Part A- Sketches.

ceindydoodles sketches

Time for the fun part! I love sketching. It gets my ideas out on paper quickly and you get a good idea of what to choose from. Sketches for wedding invitations vary from 3-5, depending on how detailed your pinterest board is. Sketches are a great time to tell me which direction you want me to head towards for your final, beautiful product. What if you don’t like any of the sketches? It’s best to let me know at this stage, so we can redirect the project to go where you want it to. ⠀

Step Three: Part B- Mock Ups.


Mock ups are next! Sometimes, we skip Sketches and go straight into mock ups. Typically I go that route if it involves a picture. It’s much easier to see how a photo would mock up with the design by using the actual photo. Mock ups give a client a clearer picture of what they can expect. This bride and groom couldn’t choose between three of the sketches from before, so a mock up helps you to see what fonts I would use (in this case) or how the lettering style would work within the space. When we work on your project, let me know if there’s a particular route you would like to take.

Step Four: Finesse and Finish

ceindydoodles-amanda and matt ex

We did the chat, we did the legal stuff, we started the fun stuff, and now is the final stretch! After the mock up stage, it’s revisions from here on out. I will be adding details and finessing the best mock up. You, as the client, get up to 3 revisions to tweak and perfect the first (or second) impression your guests will get of your wedding. I order the prints from a local printer and will prep all the invitations for you. I leave them unsealed, but pretty-much ready for you to inspect, seal, stamp and mail!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s chat! Email me at