about Ceindy

I'm pretty terrible about talking about myself. Lucky for you, I'm a lot better at drawing lovely letters and doodles, designing meaningful graphics, and making things. I also love talking about books, TV shows, movies, and food.

Ability to be awkward

I work with the best people.

What is Hand Lettering?

Hand lettering is the illustration of type to tell a story. Lettering can be used on a piece of artwork in your home or business, on a book or magazine cover, on wedding invitations, and even in a smaller scale like patches and pins.
For Your Business
Where better to create a story and personality for your brand? Hand lettered logos and signage can breathe life into your business and space. Let's work together and create a unique experience for your customers.
For Your Wedding
Getting married is so exciting! Make your wedding extra memorable with custom wedding invitations that make the best first impression, and signs throughout your day that add a personal touch.
For Your Home
Decor. Mugs. Gifts. Birthdays. The possibilities are endless. I would love to help you make the best memories, either it's lettering your vows, favorite lyrics, or a first day board for your children.

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